The Purview of Apostolic Authority

More and more ministers and churches are beginning to understand the irrefutable Biblical fact that the apostolic office or function is now today and has always been valid in the true Church that Jesus is building. We are seeing in the Church today a genuine restoration of the apostolic as well as the prophetic office back into their rightful place of function in the ecclesia of which Jesus is the sole and exclusive Head. But, as with all restorational movements in Church history, whenever something is being restored or reemphasized Church, inevitably there will be error and extremes arise along with the Truth. Such is the case with the apostolic office as well. As we move onward and upward with the “restoration of all things about which the prophets spoke from ancient times” (Ac. 3:21), and embrace the change the Head of the Church is mandating, we must also understand that there are boundaries and limitations with the apostolic office just as there is with all the other Fivefold Ministry Offices. » Read more