Prophets — God’s Change Agents

This edition is Part 2 of a series regarding the new things God is decreeing for the days ahead. I believe the topic of this series is both prophetic and timely, in that God is right now is decreeing and effecting major and in some cases paradigmatic changes both in the world and the church, and is causing particular events to transpire that have never happened before; i.e., “new things.” God is “suddenly” releasing and launching much that has been held in abeyance for many years. He is also bringing a sudden end to much that has been for a many years as well.

Isaiah 42:9
Behold, the former things have come to pass,
Now I declare new things;
Before they spring forth I proclaim them to you.

Isaiah 43:18,19
Do not call to mind the former things,
Or ponder things of the past.
Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 48:6-8
I proclaim to you new things from this time,
Even hidden things which you have not known.
They are created now and not long ago;
And before today you have not heard them,
So that you will not say, ‘Behold, I knew them.’
You have not heard, you have not known.

One of the tribes of Israel, the sons of Issachar, were “men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do” (1 Chrn. 12:32). Prophets are spiritual “sons of Issachar.” The spiritual inheritance of that tribe is alive within them. They have a special anointing for discerning the times and knowing when God is bringing forth new things, new paradigms, and bringing the Church into new dimensions of the Spirit.

Because they are discerners of these things, they frequently “see” things before others do, including other leaders. Also because they see and discern things before others do, there is a pioneering aspect to the personality and gifting of prophets. They are also predictive, rather than reactive, vis-à-vis most other people. Most people believe it when they see it. Prophets believe it before other people see it, because they’ve already seen it and its outcome in the Spirit. Prophets are still “seers.” They perceive things in the Spirit realm others do not, at least not yet. They specialize in revealing the “secret counsel” of God in His timing.

When a prophet prophesies over you, he is speaking of those things that be not as though they were. Many people do not understand prophecies spoken over themselves or others because they do not understand this about prophecy. Prophecy is often predictive, and in fact that is one of the most important aspects of prophecy. I mean, hey, you already know what things are right now, right? What you need to know is either why some things happened that have happened or you need a new “vision” for the future as a guide in your pursuit of God and His purposes for your life. That’s what prophecy does. That’s why I’m not impressed when people say, “Hey, there’s this prophet at such and so place who is telling people their names and addresses!” Well, friend, if you don’t already know your name and address, you’re suffering either from Alzheimer’s or amnesia, and what you need is a healing, not a prophecy! Now I suppose God could use such things as a sign to confirm the person who is prophesying, but that may not be reliable because psychics can also tap into that kind of information, but their source is Satan. Primarily, legitimate prophecy deals with what we don’t already know through our own natural knowledge and reasoning. Legitimate prophecy tells us what we don’t know and only God could know, supernaturally!

The main point I’m trying to make is that prophets, like God, specialize in “new things.” They are change agents. Prophets are spiritual marines — they’re always moving on from vanquished territories and enemies to charge new beachheads for God. As I said before, because they see discern things before others do, there is a pioneering aspect to the personality and gifting of prophets. They are spiritual Daniel Boones — always looking forward in search of new spiritual frontiers and forging Wilderness Roads through Cumberland Gaps into new territory for God. They are antsy, and others often misjudge them as being impatient. They are easily bored with the status quo, are almost obsessed with movement, and detest stagnancy.

They are instigators, “stirrer-up-ers.” The prophetic personality and presence seems to stir up the human spirit without trying or intending to. The prophetic personality and presence certainly stirs up demon spirits and all the powers of hell wherever it is manifest. Prophets are forever stirring things up. They’ll sometimes stir things up, just because they can’t stand inanimateness and lifeless atmospheres. The prophetic personality and anointing is about movement. Just the prophet’s presence stirs things up. Just their presence elicits reaction from people, and it is never indifference. Wherever they go, demons, likewise, always react; it’s as if they have no choice.

When a prophet walks into a room, his presence is always felt. The prophetic anointing operating through a bona fide prophet charges and changes the atmosphere. Like the Apostle Paul, wherever they go, they either start a riot or a revival, because their anointing is such a strong threat to the forces of hell, satanic strongholds, and the status-quo. I say again, prophets are quintessentially change agents.

Genuine Prophets are provokers. They are constantly provoking people to good works and continual advancement. The prophetic perspective and personality is well captured in the quotation Ted Kennedy, in his emotional eulogy of his slain brother, said that Bobby often quoted: “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.”

These characteristics are what make prophets so needed in many ecclesiastical institutions and ministries, and entrepreneurial enterprises as well, and worth their weight in gold. People with a prophetic personality are advancement agents. They will keep whatever entity they are involved with moving in the direction of new things and constant improvement and advancement. They prefer evolution, but in places where, for whatever reasons, that has not been occurring, they will initiate revolution! They are relentless motivators of movement. They’re going to move something, or somebody! And, if you refuse to move in the direction of advancement they are motivating you towards, they will move — over, on, and away, and find someone who will! They can’t help it! That’s who they are!

In the Church, we erroneously “anoint,” appoint, and “knight” some people “leaders,” who are not leaders at all. The word “lead” implies movement. A true leader is a visionary, and thus a motivator. He has an internal vision of where he wants to go, and he motivates others to get on the bus and go with him. They are forward-thinking; always looking into the future to new vistas of advancement.

Many people in the ministry, including those who are the chief leaders of churches and ecclesiastical organizations are not really leaders, because their mindset and modus operandi does not fit the definition of a leader, and I don’t mean that in a pejorative or critical way. They are really managers, and managers are very much needed. But, managers are just that, they manage what already exists, what’s there now, the status quo. They are caretakers. They will take good care of what is there now and manage it well, but they are right now where they are always going to be. A manager-type will never advance the organization toward new horizons and into new territory, because he is incapable of seeing it. Vision is not his forte. Now, every entrepreneur-type needs good managers. But, manager-types make terrible entrepreneurs, because the entity under their leadership will eventually die because it failed to continue to advance and was not forward-thinking.

Accountants, for example, are great at accounting for what you have obtained, but someone who has strictly an accountant mentality, will never advance the entity because advancement involves risk and adventure, and accountant-types think in terms of safety, security, and the known. Risk and adventure scare them to death. Entrepreneurial-types, on the other hand, give about as much thought to risk and adventure as they do breathing. Both types have their upsides and their downsides. Now, when entrepreneurial-types connect and partner together in tandem on an enterprise, the result is generally success! Prophets are spiritual entrepreneurial-types.

If the manager-types leading our churches and ecclesiastical institutions would begin to recognize the critical need for the spiritual entrepreneurial mindset that prophet-types bring to the entities they lead, and begin to “receive a prophet in the name of a prophet,” not trying to “quench the Spirit” by resisting the unique ways He operates through the prophetic personality, gift, and office, but actually “receive the reward (benefit)” of the prophet’s ministry, then the Church would begin to see an unprecedented dimension of “success” in the accomplishment of the purposes and plans of God! And, that is precisely where God is taking us in the new dimensions that lie ahead. New, advanced concinnity among Fivefold Ministers is the only thing that will bring the ultimate fulfillment of the Ephesians Four Objective — “a (singular) mature (spiritually perfect) man, according to the measure of the stature of Christ!” The results of that Spirit-produced concinnity will exceed by light years anything the most advanced “church growth” concepts ever conceived in the mind of men could possibly ever achieve.

Another reason prophets are the quintessential change-agents is because of some things God Himself declared in His Word concerning prophets that distinguish their ministry from all others. One is found in Amos 3:7, where God declares that He does nothing without first revealing His secret counsel to His servants the prophets. As indicated in the passages of Scripture quoted at the outset concerning the “new things” God does, He always brings forth those new things by declaring it, decreeing it, first, and prophets are His special messengers He uses as His spokesmen to declare and decree those things. And, again, because prophets are seers, they are going to see and know the “new things” God is declaring and decreeing before the vast majority of the rest of the Body of Christ. The “secret counsel” God shows prophets also includes new strategies He wants to reveal to churches and ministries that will enable them to destroy strongholds and defeat “the schemes of the devil” (literally, strategic battle plans) he has been perpetrating in their geographic territories in which they operate and assigned spiritual spheres that have been heretofore precluding advancement and vanquishing of the enemy.

If the leadership of churches and ministries really understood the ministry of the prophet, they would be doing all they could to seek out the true, tried, tested, and Spirit-trained, prophets who God has anointed to speak into the atmosphere and the heavenlies to decree change and to reveal the secret counsel of God that will enable those churches and ministries to fully comprehend and apprehend the purposes and plans of God for those believers in their sphere of operation. Let us pray that God emblazons this critical need for the blinders to come off the spiritual eyes of leaders around the world upon the hearts of every believer throughout the world called to intercession. For the need is so great and the hour is so late.

The following is a prophetic word that the Lord gave me concerning the matter of the unique anointing and ministry of the prophet.

In this hour the cloud of My Spirit is moving in a different manner than in times past. I am restoring the ministry of the Prophet to My Church. I am building My Church.These two work in tandem — the pillar of fire (Revelation and Purity in Truth and Doctrine) in the darkness and the cloud of My very Presence (My Glory) by day.I shall reveal more of myself in this coming Glory. I shall release more of My Glory unto the perception of the eyes of men. They shall see more of Me. I shall do it through the revelation which has been stored up and hidden until now, revelation which can only be revealed by My Holy Apostles and Prophets. They can see it. They shall reveal it. Teachers cannot reveal it. Pastors cannot reveal it. Evangelists cannot reveal it. They had not been anointed or appointed unto this work. It is reserved for this time and for My Holy Prophets.[Click here to read the rest of the above prophecy]

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