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God's Perestroika!

In the late 1980s Mikhail Gorbechov, President of the Soviet Union began advocating "perestroika," which means "restructure," and spearheading a movement resulting in the disassembling of the U.S.S.R. God is now calling for "restructure" in the Church!

Demigod Leaders

Celebrity cult-status leaders—who act like spiritual divas and present themselves as demigods, based in arrogance, ascendancy, supremacy, and narcissism that has convinced them they are better and above everyone else—are on the rise in the American Church.

The Role of Fivefold Ministry

Sorting through the fog of confusion and chaos to define the true role of Fivefold Ministry!

God Is Declaring New Things

Our God is a God of new things that He declares, proclaims, and decrees new things upon the earth, in the individual lives of humans, and in the affairs of the Church He is building!

The Former Things Have Come to Pass

Whenever God takes you into a new thing, there’s always an old thing to leave behind — an entire set of circumstances and settings, trappings, systems, models, methods — that have exhausted their usefulness, are now outmoded and obsolete, and will not be useful in the new thing, i.e., the new phase, the new paradigm, the new dimension.

Judgment Prophets

In the mid 1980s God began restoring the office of the prophet back into its rightful and proper place of function in the Church that Jesus is building. Today, thousands of churches and ministers accept and themselves advocate this premise. But is there such a thing as "judgment prophets" today in the New Testament era.

The Power and the Pain of True Prophetic Preaching

No wonder many leaders in the Bible tried to recuse themselves as God's spokesmen—genuine prophetic preaching is one of the most supernatural tasks anyone can ever do, requiring an imperfect human vessel to so subsume himself to speak the pure words of God.

Picture of a Prophet

A full color snapshot of a black-and-white prophet

Avoiding Strange Fire!

Many of the "New Mystics" today, in their zeal for manifestation of the supernatural, are repeating the deadly error of the sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and offering "strange fire" on the altar of God!

Our Most Critical Need

The most critical need of the Church at this moment is men—the right kind of men, bold and courageous men!

Word to Kingdom Pioneers

Word to those who pressed through the unknown in answer to the call of God but have not yet seen the results you've been believing for—you are not a failure!


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Ephesians Four Network
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Welcome to the Ephesians Four Network

"Behold, I will do something new!" — Isaiah 43:19

A new day has dawned for the Church that Jesus is building!

  • New Revelation has been released from Heaven!
  • Revelation produces Revolution!
  • The Revolution has begun!

The Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, in this hour is calling the Church into a new dimension of the Spirit. The gateway into that new dimension of the Spirit is a "new" ministry model. It is "new" in the natural realm, in that it is a new paradigm to many existing churches. Though, it certainly is not new in the Spirit realm, since it is the ministry model that has always been prescribed by God in His Word for the building of the Church Jesus is building (Mat. 16:18). We call that new paradigm, The Ephesians Four Ministry Model, which is delineated in the Fourth Chapter of the Ephesians Epistle.

A major part of the purposes and plans of God now revealed to the Church is a mandate that the Church begin to embrace and pursue The Ephesians Four Ministry Model.

The Ephesians Four Ministry Model is irrefutably and unequivocally the greatest "church growth" paradigm and principle ever known or revealed.

The Ephesians Four Ministry Model is the original "purpose-driven" paradigm that overshadows by a million light years all others.

The Ephesians Four Ministry Model is a ministry model in which all the Fivefold Ministry Offices are functioning and flowing together in concinnity (individual parts working together harmoniously in concerted effort as a whole) in and unto the local church to accomplish the true, unfathomable Purposes and Plans of God for His Eternal Bride through all the ages revealed in the Word of God — that is, the ongoing Ministry of Jesus on the Earth.

The Ephesians Four Ministry Model is the ministry model that Jesus, the eternal and exalted Head of the Church, enacted and activated as He was ascending back into Heaven from whence He had come to sit down at the right hand of God on His Throne of Sovereignty, having purchased and redeemed His Bride through the shedding of His own blood and sanctifying Her through the Church Age by the washing of the Water of the Spirit to become His Eternal Co-Sovereign Companion.

In sum, the paradigm or model Christ as the Head of the Church has established and enacted — The Ephesians Four Ministry Model — is one in which He has anointed and appointed special surrogates; namely, persons operating in spiritual functions of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers — aka, Fivefold Ministry Offices — to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry" unto the end of "the building up of the body of Christ — to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ" Himself.

This is the purpose, the plan, the paradigm, that the "purpose-driven" Christ has revealed, established, and enacted for the accomplishment of the single purpose He explicitly stated was His primary and solitary purpose: "I will build My Church, against which the gates of Hell shall not prevail."

This has been and remains to be The Alpha and Omega's purpose through all eternity; namely, the glorification of the Bride of Christ!

What is the Ephesians Four Network

Dr. Steven Lambert

The Ephesians Four Network is an international, non-denominational, multicultural, apostolic-prophetic alliance of Fivefold Ministers and friends related together in order to accomplish the End-Time purposes and plans of God ordained for the Church Jesus is building. Read more about our goals.

A major part of the purposes and plans of God now revealed to the Church is a mandate that the Church begin to embrace and pursue the Ephesians Four Ministry Model delineated in the Fourth Chapter of the Ephesians Epistle. It's a ministry model in which all the Fivefold Ministry Offices are functioning and flowing together in concerted effort to accomplish the purposes and plans of God—i.e., the ongoing ministry of Jesus.

Indeed, The Ephesians Four Ministry Model is the only model that will produce the results of the building up (edifying) and building (development) of the local church, both individually and corporately, that are delineated in the Ephesians Four text. How do we know that? Because it's the only model that God says in His Word will generate those results.

The foundational tenet of The Ephesians Four Network is The Ephesians Four Ministry Model. The establishment of that Model in the Church Jesus is building — not merely in theory, but in practice — is our overarching purpose and goal to which we are committed.

The foundational premise of The Ephesians Four Ministry Model is the colaboring together of the Fivefold Ministry Offices (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers) in harmonious concerted effort to equip, edify, educate, train, and mentor, the saints (believers) for the work of ministry, which will result in the building up and building out of the Church Jesus is building, until it comes unto the status of "a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ" (Eph. 4:13); that is, ultimate spiritual maturity.

The primary objective of this Model is to establish the Kingdom of Christ in individual believers, resulting in the collective Church being established in the Kingdom of Christ, which will bring about the return of Christ to claim the Glorified Church as His Eternal Bride. To achieve that objective Fivefold Ministers must educate and immerse the Church in the Gospel of the Kingdom contrasted to the gospel of churchianity that is concerned with filling church buildings with people rather than filling people with the Kingdom of God. [Read more about EFN]

EFN 2012 Explosion Plans!

2012 is going to be an EXPLOSIVE, busy, and productive year for the Ephesians Four Network!

There are a number of aspects of ministry that for various reasons until now have been held in abeyance, in some cases for many years, not the least of which was that the timing just was not right. With the turn of the new year, we feel very strongly that the time has come to launch these new aspects of ministry and the entities under the auspices of which they will operate.

The first aspect of ministry is our own indigenous educational aspect, which will be facilitated under the auspices of an educational entity we will be launching this year, which we will be named, Ephesians Four Network Institute of Fivefold Ministry (EFNIFM). Through the auspices of a special arrangement with an existing accredited educational entity EFNIFM will be offering high-quality theology-based undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees in a number of disciplines and study areas. What makes EFNIFM unique and distinguished from the many bible colleges in existence is the fact that all the certificat/diploma/degree programs will be especially taylored for those who understand and value the matter of Fivefold Ministry and its role in the end-time church that Jesus is building!

That alone will set EFNIFM apart from virtually all the many other bible colleges out there, but two other offerings will distinguish us even further:

  • Ephesians Four Network College of Prophetic Studies
  • Ephesians Four Network College of Deliverance Training

Each of these will be a specially designed one-year full credit program composed of special courses aimed at equipping and training prophetic people and deliverance counselors, respectively.

We will be working pell-mell in the coming weeks and months to get this world class educational entity up and running as soon as possible!

In addition to the educational aspect/entity we will also be launching the following other aspects of ministry under the auspices of EFN:

  • Ephesians Four Network of Churches
  • Ephesians Four Network of Fivefold Ministers
  • Ephesians Four Network of Prophetic Ministers
  • Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors
  • Ephesians Four Network of Christian Chaplains

Each of these subsidiaries will be used to credential members in the particular type of ministry indicated by its name.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of work ahead of us to get all these aspects/entities of ministry operational and to let people around the world know they are available. It will also take a lot financial investment to develop it all, which, at this point, is totally the burden of one person, the EFN founder/overseer. The cost will be great, but the ultimate results will have eternal value for the Kingdom of God! We do ask you to pray about doing what you can to help us in the worthy endeavor. If you want to help by making a tax-deducible donation using a bank card through the PayPal gateway (a PayPal account is not required), please click here, or click on the PayPal Donate Button below, or for information on alternate donation methods, please click here. Thank you and God Bless You!

2012 Prophetic Word

Do you resist or receive change? Do you regard change as friend or foe? If you claim to be a true disciple (learner) of Christ Jesus, and are one who resists change and regards it as foe, 2012 is going to be a horrible year for you! 2012 will be a year of significant, substantative, and even paradigmical CHANGE!

Change is inevitable! As someone has said, the only thing that is unchangeable in this life is change itself. Change is a God thing, and therefore change is a GOOD thing! Change is from and of God! Change is Godís Will! Change is an inextricable part of Godís plan for your life!

God Himself never changes (Mal. 3:6), because perfection cannot be improved. But, you are not God, and you are not yet perfect, and you therefore NEED God-inspired change in your life. Change is a part of the process of sanctification. Because you are not now perfect, in order to be sanctified, i.e., made Holy, perfect, you must respond appropriately to the process of change God brings into your life, which means yielding to and assimilating it into your life. Resist God-inspired change, and you are resisting the Holy Spirit, as the Pharisaical traditionalists possessed by religious spirits who murdered Stephen, who He resoundingly rebuked before they killed him by stoning: "You men who are stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears are always resisting the Holy Spirit; you are doing just as your fathers did." (Acts 7:51)

Keeping tradition for the sake of keeping tradition and thereby refusing change is not something that is either meritorious or Godly. In fact, Jesus said traditionalism INVALIDATES or NULLIFIES the Word of God in the life of the person who rejects the Word of God, which is His Will, in order to keep their religious traditions (Mat. 15:6). You cannot be in the will of God, or even right relationship with God, when you embrace religious traditions that are contrary to the Word of God! In 2012, If you are not willing to change, you will find yourself out of the Will and the purposes of God, which means you will be operating totally outside of His anointing and grace, i.e., Divine enablement to accomplish God's purposes and plans for your life.

CHANGE is God's Message for 2012! Throughout the Bible, the number 12 is the number for Divine Government (Authority), Divine Order. God's Directive for 2012 to all genuine believers, individually and collectively, is centered on ORDER, AUTHORITY, GOVERNMENT! And, since all these things are elements of the Apostolic function, 2012 will also be the year for the genuine establishment of the apostolic office or function. Thus, 2012 will be a year of APOSTOLIC ALIGNMENT. There will be a supernatural unction and enablement for apostolic alignment in 2012 that is unprecedented in substance and outcome.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

Charismatic Captivation

The Real Truth About Authoritarian Abuse In Many Neo-Pentecostal Churches!

Multitudes of sincere and trusting believers are caught in the virtually invisible web of religious captivation and don't know it! These faithful followers of Christ are unaware victims of spiritual abuse, psychological enslavement, and economic exploitation, perpetrated under the heavy-hand of hyper-authoritarianism. That is to say, the leadership of the church-group of which they are a part is dominating, controlling, manipulating, and exploiting their followers for their own personal gain and private kingdom-building.

Charismatic Captivation, by Dr. Steven Lambert

Without realizing the spiritual effect of what they are doing, myriads of sincere and faithful followers of Christ, in submitting themselves and surrendering their God-given right to self-governance or personal autonomy unto their spiritual leaders, have become "slaves of men" in blatant violation of God's explicit warning against that very thing: "DO NOT BECOME SLAVES OF MEN!" (1 Cor. 7:23).

Frequently, in groups employing such hyper-authoritarian practices, adherents codify their willful enslavement by signing biblically-prohibited "covenants" with their leaders that require them to effectively surrender their free-will unto their spiritual taskmasters and granting them the right to intervene in and make decisions regarding the mundane as well as major matters of their lives.

Authoritarian abuse (aka, "spiritual abuse") is one of the most widespread and troubling problems facing the Church today. Indeed, the truth is that ecclesiastical enslavement and exploitation is pandemic in many sectors of 21st Century Christendom, though those churches and ministries employing it go to great lengths to disguise and conceal it. What makes the pandemic problem even more insidious is that many of the perpetrators and proliferators of these spiritually repressive teachings and techniques are respected, and in some cases, revered, spiritual leaders.

Moreover these autocratic systems of religious hegemony are being imposed in church-groups espousing orthodox Christian beliefs, whose membership is comprised of a cross section of average Americans—individuals and families—of every race, education level, station, status, and vocation, rather than radical, fringe religious sects and cults as many uninformed people would suppose.

Though disdained by defiant dealers in demonic domination, Charismatic Captivation is undeniably a genuine prophetic word ordained by God trumpeting forth to all ecclesiastical "pharoahs" the Divine Demand — "Let My People Go!"

If you or someone you love have been a victim of spiritual abuse, you must read this classic volume that has helped many around the world to be liberated from the diabolical domination of controlling church leaders and its devastating impact upon victims' lives!

Click here to read more, to order Charismatic Captivation in print form, or for immediate download in E-book form!