The following are some of the benefits we are working to provide for our members:

  • Certification of qualified Fivefold ministers in their God-appointed Ascension Gift Office;
  • Confirmatory credentialing of qualified ministers and lay-ministers under local church authority;
  • Apostolic-Prophetic Presbytery for ministers and ministries;
  • National/Regional conferences and seminars to train ministers and equip believers;
  • Local fellowship gatherings (as membership develops and expands);
  • Prophetic counsel and mentoring, and pastoral counseling;
  • Continuing Christian education programs particularly designed for Fivefold Ministers;
  • Church growth and leadership development consulting services;
  • Periodic informational newsletter;
  • Publishing Services (Writing, Holy Ghost-writing, editing services, publishing and distribution assistance; et al.);
  • Local and International church planting partnering, support, and assistance;
  • Pulpit-supply and guest speaker services by qualified and seasoned Fivefold Ministers;
  • Special seminars and special ministry to churches and conferences;
  • Other membership benefits as developed (TBA);

You can also learn about our goals by clicking on the GOALS page link at the top or right.

If you’ve read enough already to know that Ephesians Four Network is something you would like to be involved with, you can go to the Register Page, where you’ll find a simple and easy registration form to register yourself or your ministry as a “friend” of the network. If you are interested in credentials and membership, or chartering a church or ministry through EFNC&M, please go to the Credentials Page, where the various forms of credentials and the church chartering process is explained.