10 Reasons Preachers Become Divas
14 Biblical Reasons Women are Precluded from Governmental Authority in the Church
14 Common Traits of Toxic Church Leaders
2009 — A Year of Changing Paradigms
2012 Is A Leap Year For Quantum Leaping Forward
24 Keys of the Kingdom
25 Reasons Abusive Church Leadership IS Disqualifying
A Desperate Cry For Revival In Charismatic Camelot
A Different Gospel Without Power
A Fatherless Nation
A Lesson From Abraham
A New Breed Of Preacher
A Prophetic Prognosis
A Statement and Appeal Regarding the Lakeland Outpouring
America Under Attack
Are You Gathering a Crowd or Building a Church?
Avoiding Strange Fire
Bishops and Apostolic Succession
Cessationism Refuted
Church As We Know It Is Over
Confronting the Error of Hyper-Grace
Counting The Cost
Debunking the “Christians Can’t Have Demons” Theory
Deliverance — The Children’s Bread
Demigod Leaders
Different Kinds of Prophetic Utterance
Disarmament or Discernment?
Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence!
Egotism and Narcissism in Ministry
Extreme Prophetic?
False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 1)
False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 2)
False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 3)
Fiery Trials — Why They Come!
Florida Fires and US Drought
Florida Wildfires and Lakeland Wildfire
Gifts Vs. Offices (Part 1)
God Is Declaring New Things
God’s Perestroika!
God’s Plan for the Global Economic Collapse of 2008
Grassley Investigation — Probed Ministries Respond
Grassley Investigation—Demonic or Divine
How God’s Theocracy Manifests on Earth
Idolatry of Trusting in Riches
Is The Devil Really Defeated? Well, Yes and No!
Judgment Prophets
Kingdom Pioneers: You are NOT a failure!
Leading or Lording?
Let Us Pray
Mars Hill Church “Investigators” Claim Driscoll’s Transgressions Not Disqualifying
Ministerial Pride
Nicolaitanism in the Modern Church
Our Most Critical Need
Peace On Earth?
Peculiarities of Present-Day Prophets
Polemic Prophetic Preaching
Poverty vs. Prosperity Gospel (Part 1)
Poverty vs. Prosperity Gospel (Part 2)
Prophetic Purpose
Prophets — God’s Change Agents
Reclaiming Fatherhood and Restoring Fathers (Part 1)
Reclaiming Fatherhood and Restoring Fathers (Part 2)
The Charismata Gifts of Tongues & Interpretation of Tongues
The Consequences of Covetousness
The Curse Of Unauthorized Covenants
The Deceitfulness of Riches
The Demise of the Fivefold Ministry Offices
The Fallacy of Personal Pastors (Part 1)
The Fallacy of Personal Pastors (Part 2)
The Former Things Have Come to Pass
The Great Commission or Omission?
The Myth of Spiritual Covering (Part 1)
The Myth of Spiritual Covering (Part 2)
The One Trait Needed to Trust a Person
The Passing of the Passe’ in 2009
The Perilous Path of Doctrinal Deviation
The Picture of a Prophet
The Power and the Pain of True Prophetic Preaching
The Problem with Cheap Grace Churches and Preaching
The Problem With Messianic Judaism
The Prophetic and Present Truth
The Purification of the Church
The Purview of Apostolic Authority
The Real Truth About Real Freedom
The Role of Fivefold Ministry
The Role of Fivefold Ministry (Part 2)
The Signs Of Spiritual Abuse
The Thin Line of Leadership (Part 1)
The Thin Line of Leadership (Part 2)
Tongues–The Initial Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Warning To The Super-Apostles
Weakness and Foolishness
When ‘Seeker Friendly’ Is a Good Thing

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