A Fatherless Nation

America has become a fatherless nation. A fatherless nation producing an alarmingly high and ever-growing number of illegitimate children—i.e., born out of wedlock, or to unmarried biological parents—many of whom were/are abandoned by one or both parents to become wards of the state, or given up for adoption by biologically-unrelated adoptive-parents or government-paid foster-parents. More and more of those adoptive/foster-parents now are homosexual cohabitants, despite the fact that homosexuality is the ultimate affront to fatherhood and enmity against God the Father.

“Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord. And he will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with A CURSE.” (Mal. 4:5-6)

Fatherlessness is anathema, and elicits a curse from God that becomes a decimating scourge on the nation that proliferates and promotes it. America is now, and perhaps for many years, ensconced in the curse of fatherlessness. The unfortunate but irrefutable nature and history of the curse of fatherlessness is that it is perpetuated by successive generations. In other words, illegitimate children often reproduce illegitimate children. Why? I believe it is because the “bastard curse”—i.e., the curse generated by bearing children out of wedlock—is a generational curse, meaning a curse that attaches itself to succeeding generations.

Evidence of that assertion is evident in the soaring annual birth rate to unwed partners in America. Though there is no official accounting for the population classification, if “Illegitimate” was a recognized people-group on the 2010 Census, and respondents answered honestly, I highly suspect a percentage well over 50% would have a checkmark in that box.

America has now been ensconced in the bastard curse for so long and it has proliferated unabated in the spiritual soil of the nation to such an extent that our White House—the hallowed icon of the powers and greatness of the nation—is now occupied by what may be the first confirmed bastard, or illegitimate child, to have ever occupied the official residence of the nation’s Chief Executive Officer. History is not entirely clear if there were previous illegitimately-conceived presidents, but it is altogether clear that the current one was reared—if that word can be appropriately ascribed to his up-bringing—fatherless and motherless by his maternal grandparents. The preponderance of the most credible available information, despite the unproven and almost certainly cobbled storyline put forth by Barack Hussein Obama and his flimflamming political co-conspirators, he was the product of an illicit ongoing relationship of fornication between an exceptionally promiscuous nymph of ill-repute and her amoral, staunchly atheistic, pimp, who without any doubt was of the vilest of sexual deviants, prolific pornographer, and avowed Marxist political operative with reputed Communist ties, who upon learning he had sired yet another bastard, paid one of his indentured prostitutes’ multiplicity of patrons to agree to allow his name to be placed on the “Father’s Name” line of the live-birth certificate, just before he was deported back to his native country of Kenya. Not exactly the sort of heritage the greatest of all nations in human history has aspired since its inception to have as its highest political leader.

At the present juncture in American history, the persona of Barack Hussein Obama has become a black flag symbolizing consummate corruption, unsurpassed incompetence, and engendered contempt to the nth degree flying at full-mast over The People’s White House to such an extent that that once hallowed symbol of all that is right, righteous, and good is now “The Black House” in many citizen’s minds, as well as the minds of others around the world, and will irrevocably remain so as long as this Hitlerian Marxist  is its occupant. There is no doubt in my mind that the environs of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is now enshrouded in an unseen but very real black cloud of spiritual darkness wafting up out of the abyss of hell, the headquarters of “the kingdom of darkness,” whose patriarch and chief leader is none other than “the serpent of old, who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world” (Rev. 12:9). The propagation of the darkness of evil in this world requires human cooperatives and operatives, and the current resident of The People’s House, without any doubt, is the most evil-possessed operative of darkness to ever hold the office of President of the United States of America.

As a brief aside in regard to the mindboggling election of this demonized agent of darkness to the presidency, my question is and always has been during this whole fiasco in which blacks allying with other liberals of this nation were so driven to put forth and support the election of the first black man to the highest office of our land, based entirely on his skin-color, if that, above all else and at any cost, was their ultimate goal, why didn’t they at least select a black man who was of sufficient constitution and integrity to represent them, their public perception, and political interests well? Instead, the result now is that this particular black man has so degraded and denigrated those comprising his camp of supporters so as to cast over themselves dense clouds of aspersion, disrepute, disrespect, and disdain in the eyes of those outside their camp, that whatever their intents and aspirations were, none of it now can ever be realized. They have literally sunk their own ship by tying their future to this maverick Marxist and his self-aggrandizing fascist agenda of tyranny that daily is being exposed for what it is and always has been, and whose descent from grace is now nothing short of meteoric.

The state of affairs in the world in this hour makes it evident that the land has been smitten with a curse as the Malachi prophecy predicts. Corruption and criminality is ubiquitous; so much so that in some regions of America governments cannot build and maintain the number of prisons needed to incarcerate all the lawbreaking criminals. We see revealed in this one passage of Scripture culminating the Old Testament, the fundamental root-cause of all that corruption and criminality—a dearth of fatherhood.

History and sociological statistics tell us that wherever and whenever there is an absence of fatherhood there is an increase in sin and rebellion, along with the resultant crime and corruption sin and rebellion engender in any society so affected. The produce of a dearth of fatherhood, in individual lives and collective society, is disobedience of all sorts and kinds, both to God’s authority (Rev. 12:10) and the seven types of God’s delegated authority—i.e., human authority—which include civil authority (cf., Rom. 13:1-7) and familial authority (1 Cor. 11:3).

Indeed, America is now essentially a fatherless nation, both spiritually and psychologically. Today, it is a nation in which a high percentage of its citizenry reject, deride, and denigrate the concept of fatherhood and need for same. Even the term “Founding Fathers” is now met with derision and disdain in this nation by an ever-growing contingent of sin-loving, God-hating “liberals,” who in Bible parlance are not afforded such a politically-correct, euphemistic, and non-condemnatory appellation, but rather are identified as the “ungodly” and “sinners.” Feminism-steeped females militantly and vociferously proclaim fathers, fatherhood, and fathering to be archaic, unnecessary, obsolete, and repugnant. “Men—who needs them?” is the mantra of many feminists and homosexual women. Test-tube conceptions are rapidly replacing natural reproduction, particularly in the so-called “LGBT Community.” And, to in any way oppose this mindset that children don’t really need their father or in the unavoidable absence thereof a love-motivated step-father to properly rear and nurture them, is now a politically-correct faux pas.

Ultimately, this whole “patricide” movement is a product of the ungodly unbelieving of this world aspiring to remove God the Father from the collective conscience of humanity as it races toward the coming Day of Judgment: “because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them” (Rom. 1:19). They know. Down deep in their soul, they know that judgment is not far away, “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Rom. 1:18).

America has evicted God the Father from our schools, our courts, our government, our politics, our financial systems and economy, our homes, our public discourse, even many of our churches, and from many American’s hearts and lives. Father-God is an outcast in America. “In God We Trust” is still on our money, some of our governmental buildings, and a relative few license plates, but it has become a hollow epigram that few really believe or take to heart.  This spiritual eviction and eschewing of Father-God from American society has empowered, Apollyon, the Destroyer, Satan, Man’s archenemy, to engage in this all-out attack in the natural on human fatherhood, and fatherlessness produces spiritual and psychological destruction on every child and nation victimized by it.

Fatherhood is the expression or manifestation on earth of God’s essence and authority. God is a Father—the ultimate Father. Fatherhood is comprised of unique properties and characteristics, and produces unique results that cannot be produced through any other office or function, regardless of the amount of earnestness, diligence, or sincerity that is applied. There is no substitute for fatherhood; when it is absent there simply is a void. When there is a void of fatherhood, there is the absence of the things that fatherhood provides.

The void of fatherhood can be filled by nothing and no one else. Motherhood, though needed and necessary, is no substitute for fatherhood. Mothering, even by the most competent of mothers, cannot replace or substitute for fathering. When and where there is motherhood but no fatherhood, there is a stark lack of what fatherhood provides, along with the inevitable and unavoidable fruits and consequences of that lack.

It is the father in a child’s life who is the anchor and the moorings to which he/she must secure their life-lines. Fatherless children are inevitably children adrift, anchorless, and devoid of spiritual, moral, and psychological moorings, unless and until they connect directly with their Heavenly Father and Creator. Facilitating and leading their children to that connection is the ultimate assignment and test of successful fathering of every human father.

Fatherless children until and unless they make that connection are children without a moral compass. They are children who do not know where “center” is, and spend their lives on a perpetual emotional merry-go-round ride attempting to find it.

The void of the father cannot be fully filled by any other person, regardless of how earnest, sincere, meritorious, and well-intentioned the person may be. In the best of substitutionary scenarios, the filler of the void can never be anything but second-best, psychologically and spiritually, and in terms of divine design and intentions.

There are three pivotal psychological provisions bestowed by God the Father purely on the basis of grace (undeserved favor) to His children—i.e., those who have become related and joined to Him by being Born Again—that are absolutely critical to both the spiritual and psychological well-being of every believer: acceptance, approval, and affirmation. They are all products of God’s unfathomable and everlasting Love.

Earthly, natural fathers, who are living according to the Heavenly Father’s model of fatherhood and doing the best they can to mirror it unto their children, should likewise to extend these vital and pivotal gifts of grace to their children, for without them, their progeny can never be and do what God designed and intended for them to be and do. Indeed, it is crucial to the spiritual and psychological well-being and future of every child that their natural human father, in particular, or step-father, in the absence of same, mirror and likewise bestow upon them these vital psychological provisions. Of course, it is important as well that the mother or step-mother envelops their child/children with these graces, but when those gifts are bestowed by the father, because in so doing they are being a human conduit of the Heavenly Father’s infusion of those elements into their hearts and minds, they have more impact upon the psyche and productivity of the child all throughout his/her life, from cradle to grave. Though the matter is beyond the scope of this article, just a few of the fruit that these gifts bear in the lives of the children who receive them are inordinate faith, trust, confidence, self-assurance, poise, boldness, faithfulness, obedience, and tenacity.

God the Father’s intent and design is that the biological father be His human surrogate, proxy, or stand-in, to properly rear children on His behalf. Parents do not own their children, rather God declares in His Word “children are a gift of the Lord” and belong to Him. Children are not the chattel of their parents. Rather, parents are the temporary trustees, guardians, stewards of their children, charged by God to raise them “in the fear and admonition of the Lord.” God will hold every parent accountable for how he/she reared their children. If they abused, harmed, or in any way mistreated the children He entrusted to their care and nurturing, they will have to answer to God for it in their final judgment.

All such mindsets regarding fatherhood and opposition to it as addressed herein are spiritually and psychologically destructive to both the individuals and societies affected by it. Indeed, the ultimate and inevitable outcome of fatherlessness is destruction and eventual utter annihilation. America is gradually being destroyed by Americans gradually destroying themselves!

America’s all-out assault on fatherhood is a direct affront unto God the Father!

As someone has so aptly said, if God does not judge America, He’ll surely have to apologize to the twin-cities that became the archetype of total moral depravity—Sodom and Gomorrah—for having utterly obliterated them.

God’s message to America and Americans in this hour of fatherlessness is “REPENT! — before it is too late!”

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of America!

[Note: My use of the word “bastard,” which is defined as being born out of wedlock, i.e., to unmarried parents, or “illegitimate” birth, is in no way used pejoratively, condescendingly, or with the intent to make those so born feel bad. Moreover, no one so born should feel bad in any way, because the circumstances of one’s birth is obviously entirely out of the control of the person, and God’s love of that person is the same as for any other person, and thus, should be the attitude of people. God the Father is the Giver of Life, and children are a GIFT from God!]


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