E4N Director

Do you need a prophetic word — from a seasoned and affirmed prophet of God with more than three decades of prophetic experience and expertise?

For nearly three and a half decades I’ve been speaking empowering prophetic words over people’s lives…literally thousands of people actually…people of all ages, walks, and stations of life.

All of those prophetic words, first of all, have been words of edification, exhortation, and comfort. But, most have also contained elements of counsel, instruction, or direction, deliverance from the effects of deliverance, liberation from curses, and psychological and physical healing.

My ministry training and development over the years has consisted of a whole lot of “on-the-job” training as well as learning and development in the “school of the Holy Spirit in the wilderness,” but also a substantial amount of academics, and receiving from the ministry and impartation of a long and broad list of high quality ministers, each of whom are specialists in a particular aspect of ministry.

My personal experience in ministry has encompassed church planting; pastoring; various forms of music ministry; evangelistic ministry; teaching, training, equipping, and mentoring other believers in ministry; writing ministry; counseling; deliverance; and various forms and aspects of prophetic ministry. Out of all those experience and the expertise I’ve attained over 33+ years, the two graces or giftings that rise to the top — what some call a “dominant gifting” — is prophetic and deliverance. In fact, these two often are blended together, meaning deliverance often comes to people through the prophetic aspect of my gifting and anointing. Really, when you see it from God’s perspective, the truth is, a prophetic word from God is a form of deliverance, because His word comes to liberate us from something we were not free in previously.

The attribute that most marks my ministry is an anointing that causes supernatural things to happen when I minister to people. Nothing thrills me more than to see God’s power being imparted into people’s lives and the supernatural results that occur.

I have a more in-depth bio on my main website, if you would like to read it CLICK HERE. It relates just some of the experiences I have had with the supernatural operating through me. I share this information for the sole purpose of building people’s faith in the miracle power of God, certainly not to brag or exalt myself in any way.

One of the ways God uses me is in ministering deliverance and physical healing to people who are being attacked and in some cases ravaged by a spirit of infirmity. You may recall an incident chronicled in the Luke’s Gospel (Lk. 13:11) where Jesus delivered a woman who had been bent over double and could not straighten up at all for eighteen years, which condition was caused by a spirit of infirmity. When He cast the spirit out of her, she was immediately made straight and totally healed of her condition. The spirit of infirmity is behind many maladies and conditions people are suffering today as well, and in those cases healing, wellness, and wholeness simply cannot occur until they are delivered from this spirit that is behind the condition. Deliverance can happen with just a prophetic word spoken under the anointing, and God wants to speak that word to whoever will believe and receive the word of deliverance. It happened that way when Jesus ministered in the flesh on Earth, and He has passed on His ministry and anointing to believers of His choosing like me to continue His ministry in His stead today.

If you would like to receive a prophetic word from God in the form of an MP3 file you can download to your computer, I-Pod, or mobile device, and optionally burn to a CD, please CLICK HERE.

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